Educating children in fantastic ways


At Ella-Henri School, we make learning more than an experience

Toddlers have a greater ability to acquire new skills and information than children who are 5, 6, or 7 years old. Research indicates that introducing reading, language, and math skills in the toddler years may make school success come more easily to your child for years to come.

We have realized that it is important for children to have great materials for learning. At our school, our library is full of books, DVDs, CDs and loads of other materials that enhance the learning ability for our children.

There are a 1000 ways to educate a child. Every child is different, every child could benefit from a different approach now and then.  That said, there are some things that remain universally true when it comes to educating children.

1) You cannot substitute for caring. Kids are quick.  They know who cares and who is just going through the motions.  The educator that really cares will develop better relationships and the child will be more eager to learn because they know they are impressing someone who cares.  Think about your favorite teacher for a minute.

See what I mean?

2) Kids learn by doing. A bulk of the kids today cannot tell time using a traditional analog wall clock. It’s not that they are dumb, they just never use them.  They have digital phones, watches and Ipods to tell them the time.

Kids will learn to do whatever we enable them to do.  That is just a fact. You want your kid to learn something, just have them do it.

3) Environment is everything. Not only do kids learn by doing, they learn by seeing, hearing, and living as well. The environment a child learns in will have a direct impact on the child.  Chaos breeds Chaos. And so it goes with everything else.

We are happy that our school environment is has great attributes from our examples  (warm, cozy and children friendly from the second you walk in). We understand this is important children learning. Like we say, Ella-Henri school…….not your regular school.


Ella-Henri school…..we believe in children

Research shows that brain development is directly linked to physical activity, such as crawling before the age of one. If you and your toddler engage frequently in different kinds of physical activities, this may enhance brain development. Examples: galloping, running, rolling, wheelbarrow, etc. We encourage parents to take part at any time of the day to have fun with the children, builds great bond between the two of you, helps children learn better and makes both of you happier!

Other great tools are:

1. Read to your child every day. Read with emotional expression, as if you were in a dramatic play. This makes your child see a different perspective to things.

2. Buy alphabet magnet letters to play with on the refrigerator, for bathtub use and make a new word every time your child is in the bathtub. Spell out new words for your child every week.

3. Purchase foreign language cassettes and videos. It is much easier for toddlers to pick up other languages at this age than it will be later on.

4. “Narrate” your child’s activities so that they will know that they have your focused attention. This will support them in language and thinking development.

5. Read to your child every day. Read with emotional expression, as if you were in a dramatic play.

6. Spend time with your children, either reading, singing, dancing, engaging in physical activity or also wrap yourself around them it gives them a sense of security.

Like we said there are a 1,000 ways to educate your children. Enjoy the experience!



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