Ella-Henri school

Our School

Hello Parents, school resumes on Monday, the 22nd of April, 2013. We are excited about our first graduating class this year. We have missed all the fun and excitement the kids bring to our lives and we look forward to having them back because this term is filled with loads of activities and fun. This term we introduce Dance as an extra curricular activity at the school. Dance classes (Ballet, Creative dance technique and Hip-Hop) starts at our school with a professional dance teacher with over 11 years of experience in the dance field. Lovette Otegbola runs Lovette’s BITS Dance company. She has worked with many artistes, trained and performed inside and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Classes will run every Saturday 10am-12noon. Classes resume May 4th 2013. For registration and information, please check at the school office from Monday 22nd April 2013.
Share this blog with a friend as we update regularly. We have loads of educative tips for you and your children.

Welcome back to school children!


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