Teaching children GREAT values!

In life we often think our children are young and don’t need to learn right manners from an early stage. Believe me children begin to form their character and habits from just 6months of age. It is imperative we teach by example the values they need. No one wants to hire a rude staff or have a partner with the weirdest of characters.

Children, at stages in their lives have tantrums; it is a way they get attention for what they want. What is the appropriate age for tantrums and how do we stop tantrums?                     child

The fact is that after a busy day at work, we are usually tired don’t want any conflict, so we let stuff slide more and more by the day. If you let rude behavior go even once or twice, your children feel that  they can do whatever they want,  whenever they want. Most kids that misbehave in public have never been given limits or told what is appropriate or what’s not. As a result, standards for behavior have hit an all-time low; many parents feel that as long as they teach their children to say please and thank you, their kids will be considered polite.  This isn’t the case there are other manners such as speaking softly, sitting quietly in public or addressing an elderly person with extra respect, proper courtesy like girls kneeling, boys prostrating to greet which are values that are quietly leaving our society. Parents act like therapists instead of acting like authority figures, so when a child says a phrase like “shut up” in public to other people, children or even to them the parent, they immediately make excuses for that child, ‘oh! He is hungry, tired, he is dealing with so much at school, I didn’t pick him up early etc’. Honestly there are no excuses for having bad manners.

The society we raise our children in is itself a bad example for rudeness and obnoxious behavior, checkout what they watch on TV, sarcasm thrives in some family shows. We as parents need to do better when we address our Nannies, house keepers, security men, washer man etc. Our kids watch how we speak to them and will speak the same way to them or to anyone that they consider in the same class with them. We need to watch how we talk or comments we make on the phone, to staff, our spouses, our neighbors, the man in the next car while driving on the road etc. Children learn from us.

child 4


Our school; where we teach great values needed in Life

It is important we instill great values in our children because no one likes a rude kid, NO ONE!  So teaching a child to be well-mannered can actually make life a lot more pleasant for him/her as well as for the people he/she encounters.  That is why it’s critical to teach children from the get-go that they can’t make a scene in a shopping mall or run wild in a restaurant, etiquette and good manners are not stuffy old notions from the past. They are really useful social skills that will help a child throughout his/ her life.

When we teach manners, we open up the world of altruism for our kids. And that’s one of the most important gifts we can give them.


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