Children need our support, love, care, attention etc.  As Parents it is important we provide this. Structure a system that works because every human being is different. The way Mr. A would raise his child is different from you. Why? Mr. A’s child has a different temperament from yours and not totally exposedlove2 to the same conditions as yours.  We believe in Children and the life they live should be our up-most concern. Children however, need to be correcting when the need arises,  even in correcting them we should do so in love and in most cases let them know why your way is the better way.

Different cultures have different unwritten methods to raising children and so even individual parents have personalized the way they raise their children as well. We should realize that these have different effects on our children and as has an impact on how they live in future, what they believe in and how they run their own children’s lives as well. Remember all you need to do is to give a child LOVE! This is like the best gift he or she will forever remember you by.

As parents we have to give ample attention to our child’s needs and this doesn’t mean we are ‘spoiling’ them. We are not only showing love, we are also being examples of how they loveshould relate to people they meet and those around them. Get your child to trust you, this is very important, its creates a panacea for them to start to follow your example. Such a child knows that his/her parents(s) will be there when he needs support, he knows what to expect. This give your child great confidence at all times.

Parents should cheer their children on. Be your child’s biggest cheerleader, no child wants to be constantly put down by anyone especially not mummy or daddy, uncle or aunty.  Remember if it happened to you and made you feel awful it shouldn’t happen to any child if it didn’t then make a child better. A hug, kisses are warm stuff to do with your child and is not asking too much, even if you are a care giver, you can’t love too much. Abuse isn’t acceptable but like we say at Ella Henri schools……we believe in children. Build a positive relationship with a child today and see how much difference you can make.


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