Be a supportive parent


When you’re interested and involved in your child’s learning, you’re in a good position to address any school problems as soon as they arise. : It’s not about you. It’s about your child, and what is best for him.

Here are a few tips you can try at home to help your child’s education

Provide a supportive home environment. Use as many opportunities as possible to let your child know that your family values education. You can do this by reading the school newsletter and by taking an interest in and helping your child with homework.

Try to minimize the impact of school absences. If your child needs to be absent, ask whether your child’s teacher can spend time helping her catch up. Or ask the teacher to give you the missed work for your child to complete outside of school.

Praise your child for all attempts and efforts. Let your child know that you’re proud of him for trying hard at school, whatever his grades. Try to celebrate your child’s achievements on their own merits, not in comparison with peers or siblings.

Consider a home tutor .


You could ask your child’s teacher for assistance where relevant

To keep your child motivated and help her succeed, look for interests outside of school. Work-related skills, technical skills, and visual arts, music and drama are all valuable fields of learning.

Not all problems at school are because of school. There are several other factors that can affect a child’s performance

It can be easy to blame things like workload, homework or teachers, but your child’s mental health social relationships and friendships play a very important role in learning too.

Also, if your child is becoming more independent it can be hard to monitor your child’s workload, school attendance and peer relationships as her independence grows.

Young people cope differently. Some young people might need to talk about their problems only when things are really stressful, but others will need more help. Always make out time to talk to your kids, let them have the confidence to come to you at anytime knowing you will always listen.


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