The Questions never end?


Have you ever wondered why your child asks so many questions?  Or want your child to stop asking series of questions? Wondered why your child would not just stop asking the most impossible questions? Is your child that curious about everything? The answer is, Yes and No.

Children love to engage loved ones in conversations and this may be the best way your child knows  both of you will get talking for a long time. The emotional attachment your child gets from you while asking zillions of questions and hearing you talk, is beyond compare. There is a bond that is created that could last forever. Turning away or shutting up your child may make your child disconnected and that may bring a distance in your relationship.

Understand that you don’t have to answer all your child’s questions, make your child think up possible answers to his/her questions.  No matter how silly you think your child’s answers are encourage your child to keep thinking it through and then you can help answer where you think your child is stuck. This can help you stir up something unique that is important for them in life. That uniqueness is critical thinking. Most people don’t think critically, they love the answers to questions handed down to them.

We can help our children develop great mental skills with this method. It is crucial you help your child develop this skill.

If your child is at this stage of life nurture him/her, there will come a time when your child would not ask you questions anymore but would seek answers anywhere they believe answers stare at them. questions3

Question times can be fun times, if you can manage the situation well. When your child starts asking a bunch of questions, for you not to get frustrated try not to find yourself busy with work or something that challenges you mentally, it will ease the frustration off the questions from your child.


Help your child create answers to his or her questions. Children love pictorial answers it helps their mind because visual images are simple to understand thoroughly.

Try this simple method:

1. Allow your child create a book / diary of questions,

2. Let him or her give it a fun name

3.Let your child create possible answers to these questions, encourage your child to write

4. Your child can draw images if need be, just to best answer his or her questions

With this method you can guide his or her thinking positively.

It may help to remember that almost every advance in human knowledge came about because someone asked a question and was willing to put time, thought, and effort into finding an answer.


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